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2000-02-25: Projekt-Vereinbarung unterzeichnet (Englisch)
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2000-02-25: Projekt-Vereinbarung unterzeichnet (Englisch)

DIHT Chief Executive Dr. Franz Schoser and ACFIC Executive Vice President Zhang Xuwu signed an agreement today on extending their partnership project for another three years. The signing ceremony took place at the new DIHT headquarters in Berlin. In a cordial atmosphere, Schoser and Zhang exchanged their views on the progress of the project and affirmed the friendship between their organizations. Zhang heads a Chinese entrepreneurs' delegation invited to Germany by DIHT.

The ceremony was also attended by leading project representatives of DIHT and ACFIC, two representatives of Chinese private enterprises and a representative of the Chinese Embassy in Germany.

ACFIC VP Zhang and DIHT CEO Dr. Schoser sign the agreement

Zhang Xuwu, Michael Pfeiffer, Ingrid Ott, Dr. Franz Schoser (from left to right)

Exchanging presents: Lü Shaoxin, Michael Pfeiffer, Zhang Xuwu, Ingrid Ott, Dr. Franz Schoser (from left to right)

Chinese private entrepreneurs at DIHT headquarters: Chen Juyu (Shenyang Xiehe Group), Zhang Xuwu, Dr. Franz Schoser, Zhang Zhijun (Guizhou Shenqi Herbs Co.) (from left to right)

Project representatives and entrepreneurs: Helmut Schönleber, Ingrid Ott, Chen Juyu, Zhang Xuwu, Dr. Franz Schoser, Zhang Zhijun, Michael Pfeiffer (from left to right)

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