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China National Database of Private Enterprises

Since 1997, DIHK is supporting the Chinese chamber organization to establish a Chinese and English national database of private enterprises who are members of the chambers. This is the first national database about private enterprises in China who have never been systematically surveyed before. It is also the first database in China to fully utilize international standard classification systems for products (HS-Code) and industry (NACE-Code), and one of only few enterprise databases consistently built for use both in Chinese and in English. Data entered in Chinese by regional chambers is automatically translated to English by the central database engine. More languages, such as German and French may later be added.

The DIHK-ACFIC Partnership Project has developed software for data entry by provincial and city chambers, provided computer hardware to ACFIC and 135 regional chambers, developed server software for the bilingual presentation of the database content on the internet, and developed data retrieval and data presentation software linked with digital maps for CD-ROM. In 24 seminars sponsored by the project, about 500 employees of regional chambers have been trained in using the software.

Main objectives of the database are

Due to huge difficulties in data collection and data entry, the national database is still in an experimental phase. It currently (2002) contains information about 30,000 enterprises and individuals. Data quality and quantity vary widely from one region to another. The English internet version of this experimental database may be tested online at

The database is password protected. For limited access, please enter "user" and "pass" in the respective fields of the entry mask (most search functions are available, but some detail information about each enterprise will not be displayed). For full access to all data, please contact the database administrator,

Li Shanhai (E-mail)

A fee will be charged for full access.

All regional chambers who received computer hardware from the partnership project have agreed by contract to enter high quality data of 70% of their members within a specified period of time and to carry out regular updates. Some of the chambers have already fulfilled this task. We recommend these chambers to the international business community for their reliability and their ability to support business contacts with their members:

We have also compiled a complete list of all chambers above county level (prefectures, provinces, China) with information about equipment provided by the project and the status of each chamber's database.

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