acfic 中国民间商会主页
dihk-acfic partnership project
dihk 德国工商总会主页

project newsletter (chinese)

Cooperation project between the German and Chinese head organizations of
Chambers of Commerce and Industry, sponsored by the German
Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
through SEQUA Foundation.
project introduction (german)
project introduction (chinese) 合作项目简讯(德文)
project newsletter (german)
workshop presentations on enterprise management and enterprise development strategies (chinese) 中国的私营经济(德文)
china's private economy (german)
workshop experts' reports as web pages (chinese) sequa在华兄弟项目(德文)
sequa projects in china (german)
download project files (chinese list) 其它有关中国的网页接口(德文)
china related web links (german list)
business contacts with germany (chinese)
china business opportunities (english)
information on germany (chinese) 中国民间商会目录(英文)
china chambers of commerce directory (english)
dihk - german association of chambers of industry and commerce (chinese) 下载合作项目文件(英文)
download project files in pdf format (english list)
ihk - german chambers of industry and commerce (chinese) 企业管理与发展研讨会的专家演示(英文)
workshop presentations on enterprise managment and enterprise development strategies (english list)
german chamber law (chinese) 中国工商联会员数据库(英文)
database of 30,000 private enterprises in china (english)

Please note that this site is no longer being updated.
The original location of the site was
It was used to inform about the project which was implemented from 1996 to 2003.
All PDF files have been removed. If you need any, please contact me.

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